Are you sick and tired of purchasing makeup and not been shown how to use it? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you knew the correct products and brands to buy that best suit your skin tone and individual lifestyle as well as how to apply them correctly!

Azelia  has designed a range of different classes to enable you  learn a skill that you will treasure for the rest of your life and that will change and transform your way of thinking about makeup.

Azelia is not associated with one particular brand in hers school, so her teaching methods are not brand / selling orientated and her opinion on makeup and brands is very open. She believes a good makeup lesson /class should not be about selling a single product range to her clients. Azelia will teach you current makeup techniques and skills that are simple enough for you to follow at home.

Please choose one of the options that best suits you. See what Azelia can offer that will have you well on your way to selecting and applying your makeup professionally.

Why not get in touch and Azelia will be more than happy to advise you in the right direction.


Contact Azelia Jackson, Make Up Artist, ROI: 087 2197767 Northern Ireland: 07596494642 Email: