Become your own makeup artist at a teen makeup lesson or party! Whether it’s a one-to-one makeup lesson or with a group of friends you are sure to have fun while learning the tricks of the trade.

Azelia’s teen makeup lessons last up to 3 hours for a one-to-one session. A group lesson can take half a day or longer depending on the numbers.

Top make-up artist Azelia reveals her insider secrets to help you and your friends achieve flawless make-up looks. While your favourite celebrities have a team of professionals on hand to help them look immaculate for the camera, the average girl has to use trial and error - until now! Azelia will teach you all the latest trends and techniques that will have you well on your way to looking and feeling like a star!

Azelia will take you step by step through the whole lesson. She believes a makeup lesson is a joint process therefore she will do one half of your face and you will replicate the on the other half.

A key aspect of the lesson is valuable product knowledge. Azelia is not affiliated with any make-up brand, so is able to offer you a bias-free, honest opinion on what make-up really works. She will have you educated on the best brands to buy or avoid and brands that are best suited for you. Azelia insists you bring your makeup bag along to the lesson. This way she can tell if you need a lesson on technique or a lesson on the correct products to buy.

After these intense few hours Azelia will have you feeling confident in your choice of makeup, you will have a variety of techniques that suit your own individual style. You will know the correct colours that best suit your complexion and most importantly you will know how to apply your makeup professionally.

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